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Frequently Asked Question(s)

Everything you need to know about the Say Yes to Childcare.
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How can I find out if I might qualify?

Under our “For Families” tab, select “Eligibility” and this will take you to the Eligibility calculator. Input your information to the best of your knowledge and this should provide an accurate answer.

How long does the application process take?

Illinois Action for Children processes applications in the order that they are received.  At times, the process can take weeks to a few months for approval.  Please ensure that you have the application packet completed in full and provide all additional information (school schedule, pay stubs, etc.) so that your application is complete and can be processed without delay.

If I am approved, can I start care right away?

Once you are approved, Action for Children will send you a letter stating that you are approved (or not approved) based on your Application information.  If you are approved, contact the center you wish to enroll in and find out if they have space currently open to enroll your child. Your desired provider might ask you to bring in a copy of your approval letter if they did not receive one.  You can discuss enrollment process with your desired provider.

For Providers

Can I be listed as a provider on the website?

Yes, you can be listed as a provider on our provider’s list as long as you accept CCAP funding.

Do I have to be a community partner?

You do not have to sign up to be a community partner.  However, we do think this is a great and easy way to help bring awareness to high quality care and the funding available. Your assistance in spreading awareness is key to reaching more families!

What does being a community partner entail?

A community partner will share our content to spread the word. We will provide flyers via email and social media content that you can share!  It’s that easy!

Can I participate in the Spring Fair?

Providers can participate in the Spring Fair with setting up a booth for their child care center!  Meet and Greet families searching for care!