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Say yes to Childcare!

Our campaign, Say Yes to Child Care, has a united goal to  facilitate and help families applying for the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and to find high quality child care in an area nearest to them in North Cook County. We are Grateful to INCCRRA for providing us with a grant for this campaign.

We Say Yes to Childcare because…

90% brain development occurs from birth to 5.

Every child deserves to be placed in a high-quality care program.

High-quality care can help your child reach his/her full potential of learning.

High-quality care can help and facilitate your child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional and language development.

High quality child care can promote high quality early learning experiences resulting in school and life success.

High quality child care provides a healthy, consistent, responsive and caring environment for your child to promote his/her learning and development.

For lifetime success, every child needs a village of caregivers, schools and communities to work together to ensure a healthy growth and development of the child in their care.

Say YES to

“More than anyone, teachers know how important their work is in preparing children to be successful in school and in life beyond their classroom.” –

Sarah C. Wymer, Amanda P. Willford, Ann S. Lhospital (NAEYC)

Positive guidance for young children results in higher self-esteem, positive peer relationships, and emotional well-being.”

Azar Khounani

Our Team

Azar Khounani

Role: Campaign Director
Favourite Color: Pink

Contact me if you’re interested in becoming a partner or if I can answer your questions about different areas of the Campaign.

I say yes to childcare because the positive and responsive relationship that teachers develop with each individual child is the foundation for successful learning

Hamid Akbari

Role: Director of ECE Workforce Servant Leader Teachers Academy
Favourite Color: Rainbow

I can help you with your educational, professional development and recruitment strategies all for free. I can also help you with leadership coaching and in house training.

I say yes to childcare becuase I believe Child Care helps children achieve their highest potential.

Kellie Andersen

Role: Director Liaison
Favourite Color: Teal

If you’re a center director, contact me!

I say yes to childcare because these early years play a crucial role in building a foundation for a lifetime of learning and success.

Jennifer Kropke

Role: Creative Coordinator- Assisting with social media, video editing
Favourite Color: Lavender

Contact me to obtain flyers, brochures or postcards to share!

I say yes to childcare because all children deserve the benefits of early learning, and as research has shown, early childhood education programs can help children develop the social and emotional skills they need to succeed.

Melanie Abud

Role: Community Liaison & Spanish Translator
Favourite Color: Purple

Assisting Spanish-speaking families with applying for Illinois CCAP and finding childcare.

I say yes to child care because each child deserves the opportunity to develop their social and emotional skills as well as their cognitive and language development in a loving and safe environment.

Bekah Rossman

Role: Event Coordinator and Content Editor
Favourite Color: Blue

I say yes to child care because our children deserve the best: teachers who will both care for and educate the future of America. 

Armanee Cummins

Role: Community and ECE Workforce Recruitment Liaison
Favourite Color: Pink

I say yes to childcare because children’s early years are very important. Being in a high-quality childcare center has a positive impact on children’s social/emotional development for the rest of their life!

Gloria Sultan

Role: Senior Early Childhood Consultant and Trainer
Favourite Color: Red

I am passionate and committed to instill the love of learning in an enriched, safe, and nurturing environment for children and families. We must all work together to give children the “head start” they need so they will be successful in life. Parents deserve to be comfortable that their children are being cared for in a high quality childcare program.
Say YES to childcare!

Hammal Mansoor

Role: Webmaster of the Campaign
Favourite Color: Orange

My goal is to make this Website completely User-Friendly. Please send me your ideas and suggestions to achieve this goal.