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5 Reasons to Watch The Say Yes To Childcare Tutorial Video

5 Reasons to watch the Say Yes To Childcare Tutorial Video

Our goal at Say Yes To Childcare is to facilitate the process for families applying to the Illinois Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and to help them find high-quality childcare in the North Cook County area nearest to them. When we founded Say Yes To Childcare, our team spent a lot of time researching Illinois CCAP and the process families go through when applying for assistance.  Say Yes To Childcare provides families with two important tools to help them with finding high-quality daycare in North Cook County and completing the Illinois CCAP application.

1. North Cook County, Illinois CCAP Provider List

Before the creation of Say Yes To Childcare, a list of Illinois CCAP providers in the North Cook County area did not exist on the internet. Our team called North Cook County centers to obtain accurate contact information and confirm which centers accept Illinois CCAP. Then, we compiled a list that you can find here.

north cook county
application assistance

2. Illinois CCAP Application Assistance

The Illinois CCAP application can be overwhelming for someone who is applying for first-time assistance. In addition, the application is provided in only Spanish and English translations. Our team reviewed the application in detail and highlighted important information many families typically miss when applying for assistance. Then, we created the Say Yes To Childcare Illinois CCAP tutorial video. Our team also translated the tutorial video into the following languages: English, Spanish, Farsi, Korean, Urdu, Mongolian, Polish, Arabic, Tagalog, Russian, Hindi, Vietnamese, Chinese, and Ukrainian.

Here are some important pieces of information detailed in the Say Yes To Childcare Illinois CCAP tutorial video:

  • The proper way to save the application as a PDF so that it can be submitted online
  • Reminders regarding qualifications for assistance
  • A detailed explanation of the verification paperwork that needs to be submitted for working parents, including those self-employed, and/or parents in school
  • Reminders regarding travel time calculations
  • A detailed explanation of how to submit the application online

The Say Yes To Childcare Illinois CCAP tutorial video is a very helpful tool for parents not just in North Cook County, but in all of Illinois. Click here to watch our tutorial video–it’s the first step to accessing high-quality childcare for your family!

We are providing user-friendly tools for families to complete the application process and take advantage of a great resource provided by the state of Illinois! Don’t forget to share these important tools with your friends and family members! If you are a daycare center, feel free to use our tutorial video on your website!

If you have questions about the Illinois CCAP application and/or need help finding childcare in your area, please email us at

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