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Say YES to Childcare!

90% brain development occurs from birth to 5.

Every child deserves to be placed in a high-quality care program.

High-quality care can help your child reach his/her full potential of learning.

High-quality care can help and facilitate your child’s physical, cognitive, social and emotional and language development.

High quality child care can promote high quality early learning experiences resulting in school and life success.

High quality child care provides a healthy, consistent, responsive and caring environment for your child to promote his/her learning and development.R

So, Let’s SAY YES TO CHILDCARE because:

For lifetime success, every child needs a village of caregivers, schools and communities to work together to ensure a healthy growth and development of the child in their care.

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Say YES to Childcare!

Our campaign, Say Yes to Child Care, has a united goal to help families apply for the Child Care Assistance Program (CCAP) and to find high quality child care in an area nearest to them in North Cook County.

What is CCAP?

The Child Care Assistance Program is a program that helps pay for child care in center and home based settings.

Do I qualify?

CCAP is an income based program and uses your combined household income to determine eligibility. Scan our QR Code to use the link on our website to see if you qualify.

It looks like I qualify, now what?

-coming soon, our website will help with the application process – we will help you find high quality care in your area with a list of providers who accept CCAP